Hi, I’m Laura Olin. I help causes1 and companies2 use technology to build relationships with the people they want to reach.

I’ve shaped the voice of President Obama’s3 digital communications, raised millions of dollars for non-profits, and run record-breaking engagement programs.

Want to talk about what you’re working on?4 Get in touch at [email protected].

  1. ACLU, Gates Foundation, Emily's List

  2. Google, Medium, WNYC

  3. Hey, Everybody!

  4. What are you working on?

Proud to Have Worked With & Within

  1. “Laura Olin helped the DLCC and me create a digital presence which established the Democratic comeback narrative around our 30+ flips of Republican seats in 2017.”
    — Jessica Post, Executive Director of the DLCC



Digital Strategy

Maybe you’d like to up your game—or get it going in the first place. Set a strategy to reach your goals, then identify the right tools and tactics to absolutely crush them.

Digital Fundraising

Raise more money with data-driven, delightful-as-heck programs that deepen relationships with your audience at every step, from calendars to page flows.

Social Media

Tune up your existing social media program or launch a brand new one. Find a compelling voice, create content that gets shared, and make the most of big moments.

Cross-Platform Campaigns

Get help planning and executing your launch, big moment, or new campaign with creative strategies to reach your target audience on the right platforms.