Digital strategy to create communities (and, sometimes, elect presidents).

Photo: Christopher Dilts

Photo: Christopher Dilts


Laura Olin

Laura Olin is a digital strategist whose specialty is making people care about stuff that matters. 

Over the course of 2011 and 2012, she ran social media strategy for President Obama's re-election campaign and helped set the editorial voice for the campaign's digital communications.

Laura's social media team ran everything from the Barack Obama Twitter and Facebook accounts to the campaign Tumblr. They grew the campaign’s social media followings by 40 million; raised millions of dollars over social media; pioneered the use of Spotify, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest on presidential campaigns; and created the most-retweeted and most-liked Twitter and Facebook posts in both networks’ history. The digital program and outbound communications team that Laura helped grow raised a total of $690 million for the president.

Following the election, Laura was on staff at the Google Creative Lab before returning to the campaign life at the Obama-alumni firm Precision Strategies. Laura is an advisor on digital strategy for clients including the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, the DNC, Medium, the JFK Foundation, and the Gates Foundation.

Side projects include a newsletter called Everything Changes, which changes in theme and format every week and spawned a book and a newsletter for women who want a more equal world, called Run The World. 

Laura’s been featured as a speaker at the Google Political Innovation Conference, SXSW Interactive, AdTech New York, RootsCamp, and Netroots Nation. 

A proud native of Finland, she became a dual American citizen in 2008.